Shire Folk

ShireFolk165Cover1As you may know, we couldn’t find anyone else to take over Shire Folk, it has ceased publication after 45 years.

Having been produced continuously since 1977, including for the last nine years by Jonathan Roscoe and Graham Hobbs, Shire Folk has been flying the flag for folk, roots, and acoustic music. However, with music, and live music in particular, struggling to get back to its pre-pandemic state, we have found many of our advertisers and distribution points no longer available to us ...

We’re not the only or most important casualty of the pandemic, of course, but we feel that during our time at the helm we’ve expanded the design, coverage, and distribution of Shire Folk to the point that the magazine has become an important part of the folk music landscape.

There is good news in that we are continuing with our Shire Folk Showcase radio shows on Kennet Radio (www.kennetradio.com). These take the form of quarterly, two-hour shows playing around 25 new releases in folk, roots, acoustic and Americana music, which go out live as well as being available as an archive on Mixcloud. We also record a ‘Best of the Year’ show, usually broadcast at the end of December or early January. We sometimes post album reviews and gig reviews on our Twitter account, which has over 3200 followers. However we cannot guarantee a review.