Five Questions: Adam Holmes

SF: Tell us a bit about yourself – did you come from a musical background?

AH: I started out playing the fiddle around 10. My mother was a child of the sixties folk revival and used to take me to sessions and intimate gigs in folk clubs in and around Edinburgh. My education came in the form of tunes and songs that I learned by ear in these environments. I started playing guitar aged 14 and wrote my first song aged 15 and it’s been like that since then really.

SF: You have your own band and also sing and play with RURA. Is it easy to balance the two?


Adam Holmes – Photo TDSLR Photography

AH: Yes. They are two completely different entities in that RURA is a band with everyone’s musical interests and attitudes at the forefront of the sound whereas my own band is more of a vessel for the material that I write. I love having the two on the go. It feels like the best of both worlds with regard to being true to myself and also connecting with other musicians to create something I couldn’t on my own.

SF: The lyrics on your first album, Heirs & Graces, seem very carefully considered and often take on some serious topics? Do the lyrics come first or is it the music?

AH: I think they both come at the same time really. It’s hard to say. I like to have something to say that means something to me otherwise I have a tough time performing the songs with honesty, but melodies are equally important to me. It’s hard for me to separate the two. I prefer to think of the songs as a complete piece.

SF: Who or what have been the greatest influence on your career so far? (could be a person or a particular album, video, film, etc.)

AH: I would say the resilience of the human spirit is always what inspires me most. That can be communicated in a thousand forms but I would say it is generally the common thread between the things that inspire me to write and perform music.

SF: What next for Adam Holmes and when can we expect a new album?

AH: I am touring the new RURA album this year and have plans to record a new album of my own material towards the end of the year with a view to releasing it at the start of next.



Adam Holmes – Photo TDSLR Photography