Album of the Year 2016


Well the entrails have been consulted, the runes cast, the votes counted and verified (which is more than can be said about some of the voting this year) and the Shire Folk Album of the Year result is in.


Not only were our reviewers and advertisers consulted, but this year we ventured onto the murky waters of social media to canvas our Twitter followers, and the people have spoken and the winner of the 2016 award is…drum roll please…Nancy Kerr with Instar! Congratulations to Nancy and her Sweet Visitor band, Instar was the overwhelming favourite.

Here’s the Top 10

1. Nancy Kerr – Instar


2. Kris Drever – If Wishes Were Horses

3. Adam Holmes – Brighter Still

4. Ben Savage & Hannah Sanders – Before the Sun

5. The Changing Room – Picking Up The Pieces

6. Faustus – Death and Other Animals

7. Show of Hands – The Long Way Home

8. Oysterband – This House Will Stand

9. Fay Hield – Old Adam

10. Ninebarrow – Releasing the Leaves

Over 40 albums were nominated, so these 10 really are the top of the toppermost. It’s become traditional to reveal the Shire Folk editors’ Top 5 albums – mainly to see how out of touch we are or whether we have the finger on the folk pulse. So here you go…

Graham Hobbs

1. Kris Drever – If Wishes Were Horses

2. The Changing Room – Picking Up The Pieces

3. Steve Pledger – Somewhere Between

4. Ninebarrow – Releasing The Leaves

5. Jess Vincent – Shine

Jonathan Roscoe

1. Kris Drever – If Wishes Were Horses

2. Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker – Overnight

3.Jess Morgan – Edison Gloriette

4. Adam Holmes – Brighter Still

5. Kim Edgar – Stories Untold

So after two albums in last year’s top 10, Nancy Kerr has gone one better this year – and well deserved it is too. It’s been a particularly good year for folk, roots and acoustic music (if not for politics and musical demises) and looking at the release schedule for next year, that’s looking pretty good too. And of course, you can read reviews of them all and more in Shire Folk in 2017. See you there!

Jonathan Roscoe

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Feature Intro:After having won the Musician of the Year award at this year’s Folk Awards and playing with almost everyone from Jon Boden and Eliza Carthy to Hannah Ja


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Shire Folk Album of 2018

Moore, Moss Rutter